There are many SEO services out there some good, some that really should not be and others are yet in between, but it only takes bad SEO just alittle while and your site is at the bottom of Googles spammy-not-worth-ranking-site-junk-yard. […]

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Mobile Website Design

Responsive Web Designs- We Design and Build Mobile Websites See our Mobile Responsive Portfolio  and more information Mobile website design is one of the most important items for your business. Today people search for services and businesses via a mobile […]

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Video Marketing

Video and Social Media Marketing We can have videos professionally created for your business. We can provide videos and the marketing for your videos to grab your customers attention. Have existing videos that are not getting traffic? Let us take […]

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Local SEO Marketing

Local SEO is different from your average national/international SEO campaigns. The local search results are constantly changing in what it takes to rank locally. What worked last year may or may not apply today. We stay abreast of the ever […]

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Absolute Links vs Relative Links Seo Value

ABSOLUTE LINK: < a href=””>     A RELATIVE LINK: is like this < a href=”/mypage.html”>   The relative style link will make the page load alittle faster as it is not going outside the /public_html/ The absolute link takes […]

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