Penguin 2.1 update

The Penguin 2.1 has hit several sites hard. This is analysis(from searchengineland) of why some websites got penalized and other were rewarded. Seems previous bad neighborhood backlinks is the culprit and it is an extension of the penguins goal to rid the search results of spammy sites.

2.1 update

2.1 update

  • Forum spam: This includes comments in forums with exact match anchor text links.

  • Forum bio spam: Biographies of forum users containing exact match anchor text links.

  • “Do follow” blogs: Blogs that don’t add nofollow to the links posted. “Let’s face it,” Gabe said. “Being listed on do-follow resource sites can absolutely send Google a signal that you are trying to game links.”

  • Blogroll spam: Watch for blogroll links gone wrong. “Some may be fine,” Gabe said. “If you are unsure which ones are bad versus good, ask for help from a seasoned SEO.”

  • Spammy directories: If you’ve used spammy directories in the past, and still have links out there, Gabe said “nuke them, have them nofollowed, or disavow them.”

  • Blog comment signature spam: Google seems to be targeting these links even when they’re not followed, Gabe said.

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    The final results are not completely in yet but this is a good start of what went wrong.

    We have not built links this way in years of being in SEO. Many have ask for no follow only links, forum profiles,ect now we see the fruit of these ways.

    If you need help with your website listing please contact us at 606-393-4414 or email us. We would be happy to take a look at your site to see if we can help in the recovery of it