August 11, 2022

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How should SEO and DEV teams work together?

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How should SEO and DEV teams work together?

The content of a website, its code and many other related elements have a huge impact on the website’s visibility in Google search results. The changes that IT employees make to the website are an important element of SEO activities, so it is very important that SEO specialists and developers cooperate with each other.

SEO and DEV cooperation – what do communication errors lead to?

Programmers are now more and more knowledgeable about positioning, but this is not always the case. Often their activities carried out without consulting an SEO Specialist may lead to problems with the visibility of the website on Google. Perhaps you have already encountered cases when the “noindex” tag appeared in the page code or the hreflang attribute was incorrectly implemented, which in turn led to the complete or partial indexing of the page?

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Most often, such problems are easy to detect, for example, on the basis of decreasing visibility or fewer visits to the website. Then, after eliminating the source of the problem, the page should be reindexed relatively quickly. There is no need to hide, however, that something failed in this case. Most often, the reason is the lack of proper communication, determining the obligations of individual specialists and consultations before implementing the solutions.

The consequences for your business can then be very costly. If you run a store that generates high revenues thanks to visibility on Google, and suddenly the page disappears from search results, even for just a few days, it could be tens of thousands of lost revenue – and maybe even more money.

What should the cooperation between SEO and DEVs look like?

In order for SEO specialists and developers to work together to improve visibility in Google results, they need to know how to work together. It is worth sticking to a few – relatively simple – rules that are of great importance for the proper implementation of individual tasks:

Determining the scope of duties – an SEO specialist may introduce some modifications on the website himself, but he should not do it if he has programming doubts regarding a given implementation. On the other hand, a web developer should consult the implemented modifications in terms of SEO. The rules in this respect should be specifically established, i.e. in which cases DEV should consult the implementation with SEO and vice versa.

Deadlines and prioritization – the SEO department has prepared a set of necessary changes to the website, and their introduction is necessary for the implementation of other works, but above all – to increase the visibility of the website. It is worth setting specific deadlines for the implementation of individual tasks and informing programmers if the implementation data is more important than others, which are also waiting in the queue for implementation.

Ignoring Guidelines – Developers who have less SEO knowledge sometimes ignore the guidelines that SEO has prepared for them. They implement modifications as they see fit and do not fully take into account the information received. Another problem is when they treat the received task as insignificant and postpone it. It is worth for the programmer to have basic knowledge in the field of SEO, because thanks to this, cooperation with him can run much more efficiently.

Specific optimization recommendations – a programmer who receives from the SEO department several dozen pages of text describing the changes that need to be implemented on the website may get scared after opening the file. The guidelines sent should only contain specific information regarding the necessary changes. The programmer does not need descriptive information, i.e. information that is relevant to the client. They do not have to find out in the guidelines why the changes are necessary. All you need is specific information: what to do. This will facilitate his work and make him implement everything necessary relatively quickly.

Implementable guidelines – an SEO specialist may suggest changes to be implemented, but it may not always be possible to implement them or it may be very difficult. In the case of popular CMS systems, there are no such problems, because almost every modification can be relatively easily implemented, often with the help of ready-made solutions. Problems may arise in the case of dedicated systems, where introducing changes may be very time-consuming.

Thus, then the question arises whether a given modification is really necessary. At this stage, the issue of proper communication reappears – the developer should inform the SEO engineer what the change requires and consult if it is really necessary. An SEO specialist may often simply not be aware of how large the modifications are required to perform a simple in theory conversion in the system.

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