August 17, 2022

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SEO: How to find new search terms

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/seo-how-to-find-new-search-terms/ ‎

/seo-how-to-find-new-search-terms/ ‎

SEO: How to find new search terms

When you are in the beginning of buillding your site’s content things are easy. That is because our website can be in its infancy and so we have a lot of opportunities to find new keywords and search terms that we have not met before. And then we get to write articles and content to use those keywords. But in the process, perhaps after the first 20 articles or the first 50 articles that were produced quite easily and effortlessly, most of us hit a wall.

The ideas started to run out, the keywords started to run out and the first signs of the decline of our website in Google have started to appear. If we want to increase our searches, our organic traffic and our sales, we must constantly add new articles and new pages to our website, even if we have an eshop.

To learn how to overcome this lack of inspiration in SEO that we all face and always find new and lucrative ideas for your blog or website read below. You will surely learn many things that will help you.

How many articles do we need to keep up your Google searches?

Empirically the only golden number to maintain your level of organic traffic is at least one article a month. The reason this happens is called the Caffeine update. Google can grant a bonus to all websites with fresh content.

However, if you want to increase your traffic you also need to increase your content production rates. One article a month is not enough and you need to move faster. To do developmental SEO you should write at least one new article per week (4 per month) which will be quality and useful for your readers and your audience.

What is Search Analysis?

Search analysis is the analysis of searches or better search topics that you have not covered so far on your website and you should cover now either because your competitors have already done it and you want to stop their progress or because you want to increase your traffic.

Nowadays, Google,with the support of artificial intelligence and the BERT algorithm contained in a highly sophisticated Natural Language Processing, can better understand keywords not only as autonomous but also as broader semantic concepts.

How do we do Search Analysis?

The methodology of performing a search analysis is simple and it would be good to do a search analysis every time we start a new website or we want to expand our website searches to new terms and new topics. The reasons why we need to do a thorough search analysis is:

  • to avoid duplicate articles where we write about the same subject,
  • to avoid keyword cannibalism,
  • minimize the cost of producing new content and the cost of SEO,
  • to have a strategic plan for what moves we should do with the content,
  • to identify new search opportunities that until yesterday we did not consider to exist,
  • to rank what content each keyword or topic needs is targeted by finding Keyword Difficulty.

We hope that our approach on how to find new search terms for your articles was helpful and that you will use them to boost the traffic and make your website successful!

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